Our Fees

At MGK Law, we recognize that the traditional “billable hour” fee arrangement is not always well-suited to an individual client’s needs, nor conducive to the successful prosecution or defense of a given case. As such, we offer alternative fee arrangements, tailored to our clients and their unique circumstances and litigation goals. Such alternative fee arrangements include:

  • Success fees where the client pays a reduced hourly fee and a bonus based on the successful outcome of the matter;


  • Flat monthly fees where the client pays only a fixed monthly amount designed to fit within the client’s monthly budgetary constraints;
  • Contingent fees where the client pays our out of pocket costs and a share of any recovery we obtain (usually 33-40%);


  • Partial contingent fees where the client pays a reduced hourly fee and our out of pocket expense, and a smaller share of any recovery obtained.

We are also open to discuss any other arrangements to suit a particular client’s needs. Through this approach, we seek to achieve two ends. First, that the litigation process remain financially manageable and cost-effective for our clients. Second, that our fees are based not exclusively on our time spent, but rather on the success we achieve on behalf of our clients.